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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 8, 2013 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. strong winds fuel a three- alarm fire in the east bay, sending crews scrambling to contain it as three structures burn. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. >> fire in east oakland quickly grew to three-alarms and started in one business, causing the roof of that building to collapse and then fueled by strong winds, the flames spread to two more structures. crews battled the intense blaze at 73rd avenue between garland and bancroft avenue, debora villalon is live with now firefighters managed
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to get a handle on the fire, deb. >> reporter: it wasn't easy and it did blow up on them a bit, spreading to a structure nearby. this red building where it started, on the inside, it's gutted. the palm tree started to burn like the torch, they knew the party was over. >> we ran outside, and we started alerting the neighbors. >> reporter: running from their backyard birthday party, where some 40 guests were midway through their meal. what was spreading was a fire one street over in a building that was a private school for a dozen year that more recently became a thrift shop, as firefighters tried to knock down the flames, strong winds flew embers all over. >> the neighbor's trees and fences caught on fire also and we were trying to help out. >> we had engines patrolling
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the immediate area, trying to get ahead of the embers, so nothing else would catch fire. >> reporter: it was a scramble that became so dangerous for firefighters that they pulled out and fought the fire from above. the pastor of the church next door, watched, wondering about worship services tomorrow. >> i'm not sure yet. i have to assess the damage and see how much smoke is in there. >> reporter: the owners of this house came home to the sat certainty, they won't be staying here for a while. >> we have been here for over five years. >> reporter: their home directly behind the thrift shop caught fire and has smoke and water damage, too. the owners are waiting for firefighters to let her walk through and grab a few things. >> pictures, letters, papers. >> reporter: they were glad it wasn't worse and no one was hurt and even though the 49th birthday party
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fell flat, they are still happy. >> jesus acosta senior still hopes to enjoy his birthday cake, if it's not too saturated with smoke. as for the cause of the fire, i talked to investigators who are still here working on the investigation and they say they haven't found anything obvious yet. they are leaning towards accidental. reporting live in oakland, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. sausalito police say it appears high winds caused power outages there this evening. pg&e says customers lost power because of a broken pole that is shared with cable and telephone lines pg&e says it could take longer to repair the issue and now expects to restore power to theet affected customers by tomorrow morning. a sweltering day in livermore, where temperatures hit 107, another record- breaking temperature for that
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city, the second record- breaking day in a row. some people found relief from the heat downtown fountain. >> the high fire danger signs shown here, the hive 105 degrees there, we found a few hikers, but they were sitting down to take a rest. near the coast, it was a completely different story, at the estuary, looking towards the bridge in downtown san francisco, fog and wind keeping coatline cool for most of the day. >> mark has been track it all for us all day long and joins with us just how hot it got in some places. >> a giant range of temperatures; chilly conditions coastside with fog, but temperatures inland topping 100 degrees and a few records to report, ukiah, 111 degrees,
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break the old record of 102, livermore, 107, fairfield, 106 degrees, breaking the old record of 100. we have a triple-digits inland, san josi upper 80s, oakland 69, but jacket and sweater towards pacifica, 60 degrees. we have a big temperature change to talk about for tomorrow, temperatures are going to be coming down easily a good 10-25 degrees and even the slight chance of a few thunderstorms. we'll break down the areas that could have possibly a few thunderstorms by tomorrow afternoon. the heat in contra costa county proving too much for about two dozen people attending graduation ceremonies. at the time of the graduation, it was 92 degrees before heading into the triple-digits. christien kafton is in brentwood where several people collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital. >> reporter:
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paramedics say as soon as they screened another patient, another would succumb to the heat, rushing eleven people to local hospitals. >> the people there were passing out. it was terribl >> reporter: people attending graduation, which took place this morning was pretty cool, but they say the temperatures started to creep up and it appears that contributed to so many people come down with the heat illness. >> we heard on the announcement thing that people were passing out. >> reporter: the sheer number of victims ranging in name from 9 to 95 years old strained county's emergency system. it wasn't just heritage high school the same thing was going on six miles away at oakley. >> at freedom high school we transported one patient and treating another seven patients. so for a total of athlete. >> reporter: the incident at heritage had some asking what more could have been done? >> there was no place close with shade. i think they should have planned a little better.
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>> reporter: the principal says his staff provided water and the auditorium for women to watch simulcasts of the graduation. >> we notified them of the services ahead of time and they wer stationed around. >> reporter: in brentwood, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. in the sierra foothills it was a similar story, del oro high school had to cancel its graduation ceremony due to the heat. only partway through the 15 people were treated for heat exhaustion or heat stroke. some scary moms in the east bay, coming up in 7 minutes the
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fires that burned more than 200 acres and threatened homes and livestock. now to breaking news, just into the ktvu channel 2 newsroom, in treasure island, the power is out. on left of your screen is treasure island, all in that darkness. can you see the lights twinkle around the island. we have a call to check on and find what is going on and what caused this power outage and when power would be restored? again, breaking news a power outage, a massive power outage affecting lots of people on treasure island. in other news, for the second time this week, police in vallejo shot and killed a man. authorities say today's suspect killed his wife and turned the gulp on officers. ktvu's jade hernandez is live in vallejo and tells us that it took place right outside of the man's computer store. >> reporter:
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heather, you are right, within the past 20 minutes, we received information from that they have just released the name of the husband and wife, he was the owner of cybercomputers just behind me. his wife police are saying was 49 years old and police say that the husband shot his wife multiple times directly behind their store. at tps and butte street crime scene investigators collected evidence from inside and outside of cybercomputers. crime tape kept people away from the shop. >> i heard the gunshots five times. >> reporter: ruby kurwas in an adjacent building this afternoon and the sudden eruption of violence saddens here. >> they were so nice and hard- working people, what happened to them? why did he kill her? he was not that kind of man. >> reporter: vallejo police say the 5-year-
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old storeowner did shot his 49- year-old wife several times and killing her. witnesses say their young children were at the store at the centering. when police arrived, police say the man turned the weapons on officers and he later died. officer wasn't hurt. a group of women asked us to give the family privacy. atsat the islamic center, they worshiped. this is the second deadly officer-involved shooting in vallejo. on tuesday, a man was killed when he pointed a modified flare gun at officers. the officer involved in this afternoon's deadly shooting was placed on administrative leave, normal procedure for the department. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. sheriff's deputies shot and
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killed a man, the sonoma county sheriff's offices says morales stabbed a woman at starbucks this morning. sheriff's office say deputies hit morales with a taser and when he still refused to drop the weapon, they shot and killed man. >> . police found a man critically injured this morning. he died at the scene. and we have new details on a two men who got into i fight around 5:15 yesterday evening. police are still trying to figure out what led to the fight.
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this is san josi's 23rd homicide this year. today's high temperatures and gusty winds were ideal conditions for any wildfire. what these firefighters had to do to get this blaze under control? new developments into the crash that including a 3-year-old boy and the charges that driver now faces. >> he seemed like a person on a mission. >> a victim of yesterday's deadly shooting in sant monica speaks out and new details about the shooting rampage that left five people dead. ♪
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. firefighters were able to control a fire as ktvu's john sasaki reports, the fire was burning dangerously close home >> reporter: firefighters fought a fire that burnedded across 240 acres. >> most of what burped was open grassland, but over the hill, are horse ranches and homes directly in the path of the fire. >> the winds were incredible this morning and it whipped over and in half an hour you saw flames come og towards my house. >> reporter: firefighters successfully protected the homes in the area and the one structure lost, this outbuilding. it was a small cottage that sits on edge of a dry pond. >> we hold events and weddings and all kind of stuff and there
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was a fishing area over here. so unfortunately that was one that was hit. >> reporter: the fire came close to homes and in one case came very close to the home of these three prized h4 pigs. >> we had to come check on them. >> reporter: how do the pigs seem like they are doing? the biggest pig is named kevin bacon. >> we were worried this morning because the wind was really strong and we were thinking about the fire and two hours later, boom. >> reporter: no pets were livestock were hurt in the fire. crews scrambled to cointain it in the air and on the ground to and contain it. the cause is under investigation. near livermore, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. we have new developments on a deadly crash in fremont, that happened this week, the man
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police say was driving the car has now been charged with vehicular manslaughter. authorities say 34 -year-old gilbert gil was driving 65 miles pehour in a neighborhood. the crash killed his-year-old son and his wife. is he charged with vehicular are manslaughter and felony child endangerment. >> we know the name of a man accused beating another man to death with a baseball bat inside a sporting goods store necessity milpitas. manglangit killed began to fight and pulled a baseball bat off the shelf and beat the other man, who died of his injuries. police say manglangit was thing on suspect and was not gang-
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related. the president completed a two-day summit with the chinese president xi jinping near palm springs and agreed to a partnership to reduce heirofluorocarbons. mr. obama is scheduled to head back to washington tomorrow. governor jerry brown sat down with the chinese president following that summit with president obama. brown says the state coin in trade with china. e to >> we intend to step up our activities in china and we look forward to chinese investment here in california. >> governor says china has large amounts of money to invest in california's leadership in technology and science make it an attractive investment. the u.s. government today declassified some details of an internet surveillance program known as prism. it's been the center of controversy.
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national intelligence director says, "it does not collect information unilaterally." internet providers gave targeted information he said under court order. and said the program is vital to keeping the nation safe. people in san francisco today held a teach-in about army whistle-blower and talked about the controversial zinn decision to with draw his name as the honorary grand marshal. >> we're going to have a huge contingent in the parade, prochange him our grand marshal. >> today's teach-in focused on educating people about the case. the 25-year-old army private has pleaded guilty to leaks certain classified documents. the city of sanford, florida is getting ready for injure selection monday in the second-degree murder trial of george zimmerman.
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in february of 2012, zimmerman shot and killed a teenager while on his neighborhood watch the case is so controversial, the judge decided to sequester the jury. >> well, i want open minds and people have not made up their minds and people who are strong enough to decide the case on the facts and the law and not on the external public pressure. >> zimmerman claims he shot 17- year-old trayvon martin in self- defense, today in pre-trial hearings experts testified it's not possible to identify who was screaming in the 911 calls made as the shooting happened. we're getting more details tonight about the shooting rampage in santa monica that left five people dead. one of the shooting victims was in her car when the gunman approached her. >> he was so clear and
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ferocious and quick in his gaze and everything else. he seemed like a person on a mission. >> today authorities revealed more details about the gunman, who they say was just one day shy of his 24th birthday. his name is not being released. christiana multi-ler mutchler reports. >> reporter: amidst the carnage, possible clues who what set off the gunman who wore all black clothing and tactical gear and carried a bag of guns and magazines of ammunition. a law enforcement source says he suffered from mental health issues and investigators have not yet determined a motive, but they are characterizing it as a pre-mediated crime spree. >> i would presume anyone puts on a vest of some sort, comes
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out with a bag full of loaded magazines, has an extra receiver and has a handgun, and has a semi-automatic rifle, carjacks folks and goes a college, kills more people and has to be neutralized at the hands of the police, i would say that is pre-mediated. >> witnesses described the assault-style gunman as being eery calm and methodic looking for victims. >> it was really bizarre, very calm, not running around and just looking around for targets arem one victim was identified as a 68-year-old college keeper, and his district court daughter was a passenger. >> prayer for an icon and why nelson mandela was rushed to the hospital. and looking at power outage
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in treasure island and coming up, arrested and charged and what prosecutors say a crane operator was doing before a deadly building collapse in philadelphia? a computer bus goes up in flames in china, the note police found that offers a reason for the attack. . the fog comes to the rescue for tomorrow, coming up, how e can expect in your neighborhood and the two areas that will soon be under a fire weather watch? look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. . crane operator blamed for a building collapse in philadelphia turned himself in to police. on wednesday, shawn benschop was helping tear down a 4-story wall that collapsed onto a thrift store. six people died and more than a dozen were injured. pen schop had marijuana and pain medication in his bloodstream and mr. face
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charges of involuntary manslaughter. two attacks in afghanistan left four dead, including three americans. americans were killed in what is called an insider attack. afghan officials say an gaff soldier cot-shot and killed two american soldiers and an american civilian. one gunman was killed and another detained, suggesting that the two of a gaps conspired in the attack. >> . in other news of the world in china, an absolute horrific scene as a suicidal man set fire to this commuter bus, right during the rush hour. 47 people were killed, 34 others were hospitalized. investigators say they found a suicide noted at man's hymn. the 59-year-old said he was destitute and frustrated and had difficult getting government benefit. in turkey has anti- government protests continued the prime minister ruled out the possibility of early elections. protest started late last month
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to stop the dem litigation of a park in install bull. istanbul. three people have been killed and thousands hurt around the country since the protests began. across south africa, people are praying for former president nelson nelson mandela, who is back in the hospital. mandela is suffering from latest of a series of lung infections. he was rushed to the hospital earlier this morning. a spokesman says eveanto le for expectations must be adjusted. >> it is serious, but they have reported substance keptly subsequently he is in stable condition. >> mandela turns 95 in july. president obama plans to visit him during a visit to south africa later this month. >> we are digging into reports
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of a massive power outage on treasure island. we will of course follow this breaking news and as soon as we get word we'll pass it along to you. >> first a gun buyback for kids and the twist on the traditional crime-fighting tool at an east bay elementary school. >> a bargain and the bid for lunch with the oracle of omaha falls short. ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪
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gun buyback primes are usually aimed at gunning guns, real guns off the streets and ktvu's alex savidge shows us a unique effort to get guns off the streets, even if they are toy. >> reporter: kids lined up to get rid of their guns. this is a big gun you have here and in exchange they got books and chance to win a new bike, a twist on the typical gun
10:30 pm
buyback. this event was held at the elementary school in hayward. the goal was to teach children guns are not toys. >> to know the difference between a toy gun and real gun and how to respect guns. >> stopping gun violence, too many kids are getting the wrong message about guns. >> reporter: principal charles hill believes that kids who play with cap guns became densensitized. the principal decided to hold this buyback after he confiscated silver toy guns from students during the past school yeah, including this real looking handgun and today a child turned in this replica airsoft gun. these are toys easily mistaken for the real thing that could prompt police to open fire. >> who here thinks this a fake
10:31 pm
gun? >> reporter: a hayward officer warned kids about carrying real gun look- alikes . a message about gun safety hitting home for these elementaryooren. in hayward, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. the bayview hunters point community today celebrated a special graduation. ten students graduated from a new program and all for a second chance to get a high school education. six passed their ged and other four are ready to take their exam. they enjoyed a community block party after today's ceremony and mock jacklin hunter is happy for her son and his classmates. >> nevcome a long way and i'm proud of them. what we are doing in our community is upbuilding all the youngsters that are trying to
10:32 pm
do something in their lives. >> the graduates are eligible to work under hiring projects in city. >> search is on for a missing 89-year-old woman who receivers from dementia who disappeared from san francisco international airport yesterday morning. sheriff's deputies say this woman, margarita lopez ramos was last seen at customs yesterday morning at 10:00 a.m.. she just came in from mexico and told customs officials she was waiting for her family. but when her family showed up lopez ramos was nowhere to be found. she is heard of hearing and-5" tall. commander will look at crime trends and implement crime- reconduction and preventing strategies tailored for each districtment oakland's police chief says that will encourage
10:33 pm
more focused community-driven policing. san francisco's blind foundation may have to scale back its charity operations after a lower than expected bid for lunch with billionaire investor warren buffett. an anonymous donor won the auction with a benefit $1,100,000 and some insisted that dipping with the oracle of omaha would top last year's bid of $ .5 million. glide founder cecil williams of course grateful for the final bid, but a little worried and told the paper he is likely to make budget cuts. . the burning man event, the nevada governor signed into law a streamlining of the permitting process for events held on federal lands. it's held about 100 miles north
10:34 pm
of reno. you might call it an a- about face and the changes that a researcher predictions would take place on the human face. plus hollywood royalty comes to san francisco and the reason brad pitt was right here in the bay area. >> and a dramaticaldown is dramatic cooldown is on the way. how much way how much temperatures will drop and when?
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. well, we have been talking about the hot temperatures for near a week and finally temperatures are peak for the week we had the triple-digits for today and, in fact, you can see the numbers. this is the headline, fairfield, 106 degrees.
10:37 pm
a significant drop in numbers warmest locations in the low to mid-80s. of course there is nothing happening right now, but tomorrow, we could be tracking a few isolated thunderstorms approaching the bay area and we'll keep an eye on that for the second half of the weekend. right now we're watching the fog regrouping and pushing back into the bay. this will spread overnight and will notice the change for tomorrow. current numbers, 50s to 60s, right now 71 degrees, winds did pick up today, strong winds out towards fairfield out of the south, the cooling direction. 28 miles per hour. and some more neighborhoods for you, half moon bay, 15 miles per hour out of the south and livermore out of northwest at 12 miles per hour. time-lapse showing you the fog from earlier today and the boat traffic there. that just looks like it will be
10:38 pm
cooler and we're going to go with that forecast for tomorrow. sunday morning, partly to mostly cloudy skies and temperatures will be in the 50s, to the lower 60s, right around 50 to-61 degrees. we have been talking about high pressure over the past few days and today we had the 45-degree temperature rain from the 60s coast side with the fog to over 100 degrees inland, tomorrow there is a weather system approaching the bay area and that will help to cool us off quite by bit and the cooling continues into monday. there is a little bit of instability associated with the system and as a result, a chance of isolated thunderstorms in the east bay and north bay hills. as a result a fire weather watch for those who areas with a chance of elevated thunderstorms and dry lightning possible. it's just a chance for like now. this forecast model generates showers primarily to the north
10:39 pm
and east of the bay area. we'll have to keep the eye on thunderstorms for the higher terrains. tomorrow, low to mid-80s. oakland 65 degrees, san josi upper 70s, 77 and san francisco, lower 60s at 62. look ahead your five-day forecast, with your weekend always in view. monday will be cooler. so sunday cooler, monday cooler and partly sunny skies on tuesday. and then we'll stabilize by wednesday and into thursday. you can count on the cooldown for tomorrowment we'll have to keep an eye on radar with a chance of isolated thunderstorms out there. >> dry lightning could lead to fire danger. >> a big concern, yes. >> thank you, mark. all right, working with an artist who published his vision of what the human face will look like in 100,000 years. according to forbes magazine, this is what knick lao lamb
10:40 pm
nickolay lamm thinks people will look like. a late-night showing of a new zombie movie. >> hello san francisco! >> will he there he is, superstar brad pitt making a surprise visit at screening of "world war z" the actor tossed out t-shirts and introduced the movie. he has been making surprise appearances around the country to promote the film. the official release date is june 21st. >> i'm so bummed i missed that. >> coming up next, the a's get cooled off in the windy city. autumn the gyns rebound from last night's crushing loss from the first place diamondbacks did. sportswrap is next.
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the toyota sportswrap brought
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to you but your local toyota dealers. toyota, let's go places. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap, it's been a strange two days in arizona for thes, who only managed to scrape out one run yesterday and tonight exploded for six runs in a single inning. madison bumgarner had to figure the way the giants haven't been scoring runs every baserunner would be important and that made this play by pablo sandoval important taking the hit away from bloomquist. miguel montero's throw goes in. the two-shot to the right corner, torres gets a chance to fly in as they wave him around
10:44 pm
from 1st. throw to montero was there, but plate umpire rules that montero missed with the tag. you be the judge. the giants tried to make that all academic in the 4th. blanco hit up with to right that bounces over the fence for a ground-rule double. crawford comes home and it's 5- 0, giants. then after marco scutaro drove in the run, busty posey with buster posey with no. 8 on the year. they are still finishing up the bottom of the 9 and giants lead by 10-5. >> it was already a long day for the mets and marlins tied 1- 1 in the 12th, byrd with a fly to right. daniel murphy tries to take out brantly and now we're in the 20th inning.
10:45 pm
hechavarria scores him and wins 2-1. >> in almost four weeks we have rarely said this about the hottest team in baseball, the oakland a's today lost a game. in case you didn't already know, the chicago white sox's mascot is southpaw from the south side. adam dunn with his 14th homer. malone just allowed that one run. doolittle has it had his struggles and he gave up there shot to paul konerko, the two- run homer for konerko. white sox win 4-1. the loss is just the fourth for the a's


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